SAFETY IS A CORE VALUE AT ABX AIR [abxnet/safetynet]
We are serious about safety. Our objective is to be 100 percent accident-free. We care for one another and always practice safe work habits. No person will be put at risk to achieve our goals.

Many of us are experienced in dealing with winter conditions, but it is always prudent to be aware of the dangers and take steps to stay safe. Here are some cold weather safety reminders from your Safety department:

  • When you are outside, cover exposed skin, dress in layers, and use appropriate cold weather gear. Take frequent breaks to warm up.
  • Watch out for slippery surfaces and icy walkways. Chemical ice-melt does not work as well at very low temperatures, so go slow and use handholds where provided. Ramps and aircraft stairs in particular may be slippery in places or all over.
  • Maintain situational awareness. When the weather is bad and people are bundled up against the cold, it can be difficult to see others or for them to see you. This is especially true in parking lots and on the ramp.
  • Keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle including jumper cables, window scrapers, an extra blanket or sleeping bag and some food just in case. Even if you're not wearing them, have a hat, scarf and mittens in the car.
  • In a vehicular emergency, stay with your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle puts you in danger, as even walking a short distance can be life-threatening in extreme cold. Instead call for help if you have a mobile phone, and wait for assistance. Your vehicle is your protection against the elements.
  • Be prepared at home. Arctic temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze. Make sure you have enough heat in the house to keep the pipes warm. If your water pipes are located inside a cabinet or closet, open the doors and make sure you have air flow moving around and keeping them warm. One popular idea is that water faucets should be allowed to drip slightly to keep the water moving.
  • Take care of your pets and livestock. Just like people, animals are susceptible to frostbite and other cold-weather difficulties, so finding shelter can be critical to their health. Take steps to protect your pets and animals.
  • Wilmington Air Park is prepared for cold weather conditions. LGSTX Facility Maintenance will have personnel on call 24/7 to respond to facility issues relating to the cold. If you are aware of such an issue, please call the LGSTX Maintenance Operations Center at 866-931-2337.
  • The storm is not expected to bring significant snowfall; however, if conditions warrant, an emergency plan may be declared (see ICOM:23-305). At ILN, these announcements will be issued by ICOM and also will be recorded to the Emergency News and Weather Hotline: (937) 382-5591, press #, then dial 66397 (6NEWS). Outbased locations will follow their own procedures for notifying their personnel when delays or closures occur.

Here at ABX Air we are always looking for top quality talent to join our team, which is why we are excited about the Employee Referral Bonus Program. As a thank you, any active ABX employee will receive a $1,000 bonus payout if they recommend a candidate for employment who is hired as a regular full-time employee by the company and all of the program requirements listed below are successfully met.

Requirements include:

  • The newly hired employee must maintain continuous employment with ABX for a minimum of 90 days or complete IOE if the referral is a pilot.
  • The candidate must complete the Who Referred You To This Site portion of the employment application and list the referring ABX employee s name in the box provided.
  • The referring ABX employee must complete a Candidate Referral Form and return it via email to the Human Resources Department ( and prior to the candidate's first interview.
  • Internal applicants, including current employees of any ATSG company, are not eligible as referrals under the program.

The bonus payout will consist of two $500 payments to the referring ABX employee. The first $500 payment will be made after 30 days of continuous employment by the new hire. The second $500 payment will be made after 90 days of continuous employment or completion of IOE by the new hire. If the new hire does not meet the 30-day or 90-day active employee qualification or complete IOE if they are a pilot, the applicable payments will not be made.

The ABX Air Employee Referral Program runs through March 31, 2024, after which the program will be re-evaluated. Candidate referrals received prior to September 30, 2023 will be eligible for the program.

This program represents another opportunity to reward our great employees as we continue to add aircraft and grow our business. Don't forget to regularly visit our Careers page ( to view the latest job openings. Thank you!

In volatile markets, it s common to feel uneasy about your investments. This is only natural. But rest assured, market volatility is completely normal and is to be expected. Fidelity Investments has provided a helpful guide to 7 principles of investing in a volatile market that you may find helpful.

Remember, you can participate in online investment and retirement workshops by logging on to and clicking on "Tools & Learning" at the bottom of the page. From there, on the left side of the page, click on "e-Learning". You will find several options to fit your time schedule and educate in the topics you choose.

The ABX Air Dispatch License Training Program will provide current employees the opportunity to advance their career at ABX through company-paid and provided training to prepare them for the FAA Dispatcher License exam. Graduates of the program will then be promoted to the next available Assistant Dispatcher position in the Flight Control department.

  • The ABX Dispatch License Training Program is available to all ABX Air employees who have been with the company for at least one year.
  • The estimated completion time for the course is 12 weeks.
  • In addition to training, the program includes company coverage of the cost to take the FAA Dispatch exam.
  • Class dates and the number of training slots available will be established regularly based on company needs and number of applicants.
  • Employees interested in the Training Program must complete an application form. The Dispatch Training Board will evaluate and select employees for each class.
  • Download the form and full details on this voluntary training program, or contact the ABX Human Resources Department for more information.

ABX has been challenged in the last few years to be Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger. This means we all need to step up our game and meet higher expectations! Our Rewards Program now features premium gear for team members who have truly gone above and beyond expectations and exemplified the ABX Air Values. Visit the Rewards Program page for more details.

Each of us benefits from having a diverse workforce free of any type of harassment and/or discrimination. ABX Air is rolling out two new training courses to help us further reinforce our diversity and inclusion mission: to connect and empower employees, customers, suppliers, and communities for success. Taking the time to fully grasp the concepts and promote these behaviors in our workplace will produce an environment in which we all proudly share our differences and use these as a competitive advantage.

The courses are online, so you can complete them at a time convenient to you. The link will come from The ATS Team at Airborne Training Services. The sessions are anticipated to take about an hour to complete. When you receive your link, please complete both courses within 30 days.

Get your airwear and logo items online at the corporate store, Visit the site to browse the selection of high quality clothing and accessories bearing the ABX Air brand.

We will maximize our results by working together to serve our customers and achieve overall company success. Whenever necessary we will help each other and do whatever it takes to get the job done safely and build a strong, stable company.KEEP UP THE FIGHT AGAINST CORONAVIRUS
The Company continues to monitor the latest recommendations and guidelines on COVID-19 and has assembled a web page with coronavirus information and resources at ATSG also has a page on its web site with information and policy recommendations: If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources.

Our People
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SERVICE PERFORMANCE  [abxnet/service]
Thanks for continuing to work hard to keep our customer service levels high! Controlling the avoidable delays is key to maintaining a high level of service. Take responsibility to help each other. Double-checking your work and making sure the job has been done properly will go along way to prevent avoidable delays.

If you have information about violations of our Code of Ethics, Corporate Guidelines for Conducting Business, Insider Trading Policy, or regarding the commission of any crime against ATSG or its subsidiaries, please call the anonymous WeTip hotline: 1-800-78-CRIME. A code name and number will be assigned; you will not be asked to give your name. An operator will pass on your tip for investigation.

Customer Satisfaction, Our People, Quality, Safety, Teamwork, and Trust.

 We will maximize our results by working together to serve our customers and achieve overall company success. Whenever necessary we will help each other and do whatever it takes to get the job done safely and build a strong, stable company.