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INFOline for October 14, 2016
Good afternoon, everyone. This is Robert Boja with the ABX Air INFOline for October 14, 2016.

The following comes from Steve Janasov in the Safety Department. This month ABXís safety reporting website, WBAT, received a face lift. On October 5, our WBAT made their much anticipated graphic user interface (GUI) update. This update does not affect the functionality of the online program, only the graphic interface. All carriers that use the WBAT interface were affected by the change. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Safety Department.

This month marks the start of the calendar year for the FAA. The ASAP safety programs require each Event Review Committee (ERC) to conduct a 12-month review of each program. The review focusses on reported events that have been mitigated throughout the year with an emphasis on the effectiveness of the corrective actions. ABX sponsors ASAP for Flight Crew, Maintenance, and Flight Operations Officers.

The following information is provided to us by Barb Brooks in Ground Operations. After a National 747 crashed just after takeoff in Afghanistan in April 2013, the FAA established the Cargo Focus Team (CFT) to provide technical cargo operations support to FAA Principle Inspectors (PI). The CFT was tasked with reviewing air cargo operations manuals and W&B manuals to provide concurrence for approval of those documents to the PIs (principal inspectors with the FAA).

ABX manuals were submitted to the CFT for review in late 2015. In September 2016, ABX received a memorandum from the FAA announcing the CFT's concurrence of the ABX Air Weight and Balance Control Program, making ABX Air one of the first U.S. 767 cargo carriers to receive CFT concurrence. The CFT completed the 747 operators first, since that is the type aircraft that crashed.

Congratulations to Bob Greene and his team for spearheading this effort. This is truly something to be proud of and a great reflection on ABXAIR.

Company News
Our on-time performance for the Amazon network so far this month is 97.67%, based on 172 lane segments with 4 delays thus far. DHL performance thus far for October comes in at 97.23%. Itís my belief we can do better simply by keeping our focus. Controlling the avoidable delays is key to maintaining a high level of service, and as Iíve said in the past itís essential we do so. Take responsibility to help each other. Double-checking your work and making sure the job has been done properly will go along way to prevent avoidable delays. We fly airplanes, but service is what we sell. Nothing more than that.

The Wilmington Air Park is now capable of Category III approaches, expanding our capabilities to operate into the air park. Category III approaches will allow landings to 600 feet of visibility. Stay tuned for further updates.

We have adopted a filter for NOTAMs, which greatly reduces the amount of paperwork necessary to release a flight. Whatís a NOTAM? Itís simply an acronym for Notice to Airman. These notices contain information pertinent for the safe operation of the flight--items such as runway or taxiway closures, for instance. They also contain much information that isnít pertinent to the operation such as a balloon drop at 3,000 feet, which is inconsequential to our flights. Those items have been eliminated. Most flights have seen a reduction of about 50% of the paperwork prior to filtering the NOTAMs. This is obviously a huge paper savings but more importantly allows dispatchers and pilots to focus on important NOTAMs and not become distracted by superfluous information. That is a large safety improvement and a better operationally compliant flight. Thank you to everyone in GFS for making this happen.

To date we have hired 54 new pilots and recalled 8 furloughed pilots this year to accommodate the additional flying at ABX Air. We also have upgraded 31 pilots to captains this year to support the expansion. Welcome aboard and congratulations. A much deserved thank you to our team in Human Resources for dusting off the hiring program and filling these positions in record time.

ABX Air has a new POI (principal operations inspector) with the FAA. His name is Larry Ward and has served with ABX Air in the past. We look forward to his guidance and oversight. Welcome aboard, Larry.

Congratulations to Capt. Bill Kocher on 35 years of service to the company. Also celebrating anniversaries this month are Simulator Tech III Mike Goodman and Capt. Mike Reed with 25 years; System Chief Pilot Capt. Dean Cook, First Officer Craig King, First Officer Beth Mayer, and First Officer David Morton with 20 years; and Aircraft Maintenance Administration Assistant Beth Mullenix with 5 years of service.

Thatís it for this week. Stay tuned for the next INFOline.

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