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INFOline for April 7, 2016
Good afternoon, everyone. This is Robert Boja with the ABX Air INFOline for April 7, 2016.

The Spring edition of the ABX Safety Connection will be published this week. Included in this edition is an article outlining our safety programs titled "Safety Programs and What They Do" and another summarizing our participation in these programs in 2015 called "Safety Summary - Howíd We Do?" Also included are articles on our Safety Management System implementation and examples of various types of safety and irregularity reports. Please look at the "Check Your SMS Knowledge" quiz and congratulate our Third Quarter Safety Award Winners.

The Safety Department has been working with our FAA Certificate Management Team members on SMS Implementation. One of the critical elements to ensuring successful implementation will be implementing the SMS Manual. The FAA can accept the manual only when it is completely in an SMS-compliant state. Once accepted, it will be revised like any other manual. Prior to submitting the manual for acceptance, we will begin testing the guidance, processes, interfaces, and forms contained for Safety Risk Management and Quality Assurance within our on-going operation on a case-by-case basis. This will enable us to gain feedback and ensure that all levels of management are prepared to comply with the guidance when the manual is officially accepted.

Our industry is facing a number of proposed rule changes as a result of events that have occurred in the cargo airline industry over the last few years, namely potential regulatory action in the area of lithium batteries and certification of professional load masters. We are working with our lobbyist in Washington DC and the Cargo Airline Association, our industry trade group, to reach reasonable solutions for the issues confronting us. We will keep you posted.

The CRAF inspection mentioned in an earlier INFOline went extremely well, with minor suggestions noted for possible implementation to better flow information. A mock emergency drill was performed, and a big thank you to all who participated. Iím very pleased with the results of this CRAF inspection.

Company News
Our on-time service performance for DHL for the month of April thus far, subject to verification, is 99.45%. We ended March with on-time service of 98.71%. Similarly, for the first quarter of 2016 we ended at 98.42%, all subject to verification.

Our month-to-date on-time service performance for Amazon for April is 100%.

Keep up the good work; we can improve our DHL numbers, and let's hold onto the Amazon performance. Donít give up and never take second place as acceptable. Control what you can control.

Iím happy to announce the recall of eight furloughed crewmembers to fulfill requirements created with the new Amazon flying. Congratulations and welcome back. We have begun interviewing for new hire pilots to fill anticipated requirements with the Amazon flying. Additionally we are expanding crew facilities and ramping up in other areas for the Amazon expansion. Keep in mind we need to make sure we go the extra mile for Amazon, striving for excellence as we have always done at ABX.

Please stay informed since during expansion or changes rumors abound. Check with your supervisors to validate real information from misinformation that may contain sensitive, false, or misleading information so we arenít passing it along.

Our People
Congratulations to Chris Hunter, winner of last quarter's Biggest Loser weight loss challenge! During the challenge, participants lost a combined total of over 207 pounds, bringing our total weight loss since the beginning of the program to over 1,400 pounds! The program also has resulted in more than $800 being collected for charity. Way to go! A great job by all participants. Registration for the next Biggest Loser weight loss challenge is now open! Please send questions and registration information to Tracey Dykes (ext. 62134), Judy Branham (ext. 62388), or Tanya Woodford (ext. 62318).

Congratulations to the following employees celebrating service milestones this month, including Maintenance Controller Leon Kafka and First Officers Scot Kingan and Mark Patterson with 20 years of service to the company.

Thatís it for this week. Stay tuned for the next INFOline.

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