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INFOline for September 10, 2015
Good afternoon, everyone. This is John Starkovich with the ABX Air INFOline for September 10, 2015.

Safety & Compliance
Last week, our Director of Safety Steve Janasov and our Manager of Aviation Safety Programs Todd Kramer travelled to the East Michigan Flight Standards District Office to deliver and brief the ABX Air Safety Management System Implementation Plan to our FAA Certificate Management Team members. This plan outlines the steps that ABX Air will take to ensure full implementation of SMS per Final Rule, Part 5. Included with the Implementation Plan was a Gap Analysis spreadsheet that details what needs to be documented and implemented to be compliant with each subpart and identifies the persons available and responsible for ensuring success with that requirement. We also presented a Milestone Chart that illustrates by quarter what will be accomplished to meet our goal of full implementation by second quarter of 2017. In addition, our Safety Management System Manual, Internal Audit and Evaluation Program, and our Aircraft Mishap Response Plan manuals were presented for FAA acceptance.

With some assistance from the folks in Information Technology, our IT group, the Safety Department has established a ‘Safety Portal’ where SMS documents such as the Implementation Plan, Gap Analysis, SMS Manual and other documents, forms, and training presentations reside for easy access. The portal was demonstrated to the FAA at the Implementation Plan presentation and will be reviewed again by our compliance managers at their September meeting. Look for more information concerning SMS implementation in future Safety Bulletins.

Company News
Our on-time service performance for DHL for the month of August, subject to verification, was 98.57%. Similarly, for the third quarter of 2015, we are at 98.31% on time performance to-date, all subject to verification. So far for the month of September, we are at 97.76%.

For the first time since 2009, ABX Air will again be performing regular flight service out of Wilmington, Ohio (ILN). AGS (Airborne Global Solutions) has entered into a contract to operate a small system moving cargo between domestic points. It begins on September 14, 2015, utilizing both ATSG carriers on a 7-day-per-week schedule. This system will begin by operating two B767-200 aircraft on routes out of Ontario, California (ONT) and Allentown, Pennsylvania (ABE) through Wilmington and expand a few weeks after initial start up to add B767-200 aircraft operating from Tampa, Florida (TPA) and Oakland, California (OAK). We are under a strict Non Disclosure Agreement with AGS's customer; therefore this business is being referred to as "Aerosmith." ABX will operate the ONT-ILN-ONT route beginning September 14 and the TPA-ILN-TPA route beginning September 28. LGSTX and AGS are handling the ground, limited sort, loading of airplanes, and the truck inbound and outbound activity here in ILN and also managing the out-base operations. We are very excited about this opportunity, and while this operation is currently being done on a short term contract, we are looking to do everything that we can to make it a success and have it extended and hopefully expanded over time.

Flu shots will be available at Wilmington Air Park (ILN) on Monday, Sept. 21 and again on Thursday, Sept. 24 in the Administration Building first floor conference room A (directly behind the Security desk) between 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary. Dependents age 14 and over, as well as spouses, covered by the company-sponsored UnitedHealthcare (UHC) medical insurance also are eligible for the flu shot. Employees must bring their UHC insurance card and a completed copy of the attached health questions and informed consent form. (Supervisors will have access to these forms for their employees.) Forms also will be available on-site the day of the event. Employees at locations other than ILN may receive a flu shot at participating UHC pharmacies (where permitted by state law). Please log on to www.myuhc.com to find a participating pharmacy.

With Delta coming in as a new customer for AMES and the added flight operations out of ILN, folks are reminded that the airport’s security remains our responsibility to one another. As part of getting ready for aircraft ops at ILN, everyone should review and refresh their memories on the Air Park Policies and Procedures on the Wilmington Air Park page on ABXNet as well as the Security Awareness training. Just access the ABXNet and go to Employee Connections and then Wilmington Airpark and you will find both programs.

Fidelity Investments continues to offer its advisory services for those that are considering retirement and are trying to make decisions as to when to apply for Social Security benefits. The services are included as part of our benefits. A Fidelity Guidance Representative can be reached at 888-832-2093.

And while you are at it, you may also want to take a couple of minutes to go on-line and review your beneficiary designations to make sure that they reflect current information for the designated beneficiary and appropriately represent your choice of beneficiary(ies). Fidelity has enhanced their online service so that you can complete the process and make changes quickly and easily. You can even split allocations to your beneficiaries up to two decimal places. The beneficiaries you designate will receive payment of benefits provided under the plan in the event of your death. Taking a few minutes to name your beneficiaries now will help to ensure that your plan assets will be distributed according to your direction. After your initial designation, be sure to review your choices regularly and update them after certain life events, such as a marriages, divorces, or the birth of a child. If you have any questions regarding your beneficiaries, please contact a Fidelity Service Center Representative at 800-835-5095.

Other News
Friday, September 11 marks the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 Tragedy. Please take a private moment to reflect on those that perished that day and their families; the heroes including the police officers and the firefighters and all of the other individuals that helped; and also, recall how fortunate we are to live in this country that affords us the freedoms that we have in this country and a people with the patriotism, persistence, and resiliency to come back from such a disaster.

That is all for this week’s INFOline. Thank you for all you do to make ABX Air a success. Take care.

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