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INFOline for May 21, 2015
Good afternoon, everyone. This is John Starkovich with the ABX Air INFOline for May 21, 2015.

Safety Management System (SMS) training for employees is under development as part of our SMS implementation plan, and one area that will be covered in training for some employee groups is controls. SMS principles promote that, depending upon the results of the risk assessment, one or more risk controls may need to be designed and implemented. The process of selecting or designing controls needs to be approached in a structured manner. So, depending on the hazard, there may be more than one action or control applied. The hierarchy of controls from best to least effective is:

  1. Modify the system - design the hazard out;

  2. Use physical guards or barriers to reduce the exposure to the hazard;

  3. Provide warnings, advisories, or signals that point out the hazard;

  4. Implement procedural or training changes to avoid or reduce probability or severity;

  5. Use notices, placards, or other methods to notify employees.

Even though this hierarchy exists, the most practical solution to mitigate a given risk may be one that is in the lower end of the hierarchy and that too will be covered in training.

During the first week of June selected compliance managers from Safety, Flight, Maintenance, and Ground Operations will attend a Safety Management System Calibration meeting hosted by FAA representative Robert Gay from AFS-900 in Washington. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure the Certificate Management Team (CMT) and airline understand the timeline and input requirements for Safety Management System implementation. At the last ABX Air / CMT Interface meeting, it was determined that Assistant Principal Avionics Inspector Matt Paquette will be spearheading the SMS efforts for the East Michigan FAA office, so welcome aboard Matt.

Company News
Our on-time service performance for DHL for the month of May, subject to verification, is 98.41%. Similarly, for the second quarter of 2015, we are at 98.29% on time performance to date, all subject to verification.

Our People
The selection process for the first recipients for the ABX Safety Award has been completed, and an announcement will be made shortly. Please stay tuned.

ABX Air has two more long-term employees that are retiring soon. Director of Quality Control & Chief Inspector Dan Hendershott will put in his last day on May 29. Dan began his career with Midwest Air Charter in September 1978; Midwest was purchased by Airborne Express in 1980 and became ABX Air. Dan has held a number of positions over the past 36+ years including maintenance controller, manager of power plants, manager of engineering, and his current role as director of QC & chief inspector.

Director of CVG Operations and Contingency Jan Woolums is also retiring. Jan retires on June 1 after almost 30 years with ABX Air. The majority of Jan’s career was in the Sort operation starting as a part-time sorter. She held a variety of positions including sort supervisor, area manager, manager of operational communications, sort manager, director of floor ops, director and then sr. director of regional hubs, sr. director of night ops, and her current position as director of CVG ops and contingency.

Please take a minute to call these folks or send them an email over the next week to say so long. On behalf of everyone here at ABX Air, we thank them and wish them nothing but the very best. My personal thanks to both of them. It has been a privilege to have them as part of the ABX Air leadership team. We will miss you both very much.

And as long as we are on retirements we also would like to acknowledge, thank, and congratulate Brady Stevens from AMES who has retired after 37 years of service to Airborne Express, ABX Air, and AMES. Brady fixed a lot of ABX Air airplanes for us over many years. Again, our best wishes for a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement to Dan, Jan, and Brady along with our thanks and appreciation for your dedicated service.

Other News
An article in the May 15 edition of Cargo Facts indicated that Deutsche Post-DHL reported first-quarter net income down 1.4% to €495 million as total revenue increased 8.8% to €14.77 billion. Operating profit (EBIT) for the quarter was down 1.0% to €720 million. DP-DHL has four reporting segments, and in the first quarter two of them turned in strong performances, while the other two did less well. DHL Express reported operating profit up 20.3% to €332 million as revenue increased 12.5% to €3.2 billion.

As a reminder to anyone out there that has Windows 2003 on your personal computers, this software will expire on July 14, 2015. This basically means that there will be no further support, updates, or security patches for this system. Business application support is being discontinued, and the security risks increase dramatically as hacker attacks aimed at taking control and stealing your data or crashing your system will grow. It is time to update your system if you are still on Windows 2003.

This long weekend we again celebrate a day off in observance of Memorial Day. Please kindly consider taking a moment on Monday to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice of those in the armed services who have given their lives in the line of duty to preserve our freedoms here in the US. Memorial Day is all about remaining mindful of those sacrifices and continuing to be thankful.

That is all for this week’s INFOline. Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, and thank you for all you do to make ABX Air a success. Take care.

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