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INFOline for January 6, 2017
Hello, this is Tammy Voss with the ABX Air INFOline for January 6, 2017.

Safety & Compliance
As part of our Safety Management System promotion efforts, the Safety Department publishes two periodic safety newsletters: The ABX SafetyLine is designed and distributed to the pilot group and contains articles generated through safety reporting and monitoring programs such as Irregularity Reporting, Aviation Safety Action Reports, General Safety Reports, Fatigue, and the Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program. The 2017 Winter editions should be rolling out this month and will contain articles on Mitigating Hot Brakes and the Confidential Information Sharing Program The SafetyLine also will contain information on O2 Mask Differences and articles to explain real examples of SMS processes and how they are supported by our SMS Pro software.

The ABX Safety Connection is designed for all employees to outline key Safety Management System information. The next edition of the Safety Connection will be Spring 2017.

Safety Management System is a phrase that many people at ABX have become very familiar with. SMS Part 5.71 requires the certificate holder to develop and maintain processes and systems to acquire data with respect to its operations, products, and services to monitor the safety performance of the organization. The processes and systems must include investigating reports regarding potential non-compliance with regulatory standards or other safety risk controls established by the airline through the SRM process. This process occurs in our Irregularity, ASAP and General Safety Reporting process. Advisory Circular 120-92B states that it is important to distinguish between error and intentional/willful noncompliance. Instances of reported non-compliance that involve errors are typically included in the ASAP process for the license holder (Pilot, Mechanic, Flight Operations Officer) and the FAA Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program for the airline certificate. In some instances, our Certificate Management Team (CMT) is allowing non-compliance events to be investigated using the SMS process and documented in SMS Pro. This will allow us to jointly run performance Data Collection Tools specifically to determine if the process and documentation is fully compliant with the SMS rule, an important step in our SMS implementation journey.

We have nine employees celebrating their anniversaries this month. We would like to congratulate Judy Branham, Jong Park, Rob Davis, Captain George Ader and Captain John Zeigler on 25 years of outstanding and dedicated service to ABX. We also would like to congratulate Rubin Mancera on 20 years of service, Richard Carnow on 5 years of service, and Joseph Vaughan and Melissa Goodall on 1 year of service. Congratulations to each of you, and thank you for all of your hard work.

So far this month, our on-time performance has been 99.24%. Putting numbers like that together day in and day out is a huge accomplishment. Keep up the excellent work!

Employee Updates
Register now for the next Biggest Loser weight loss challenge. The individual that loses the most weight (by percentage) wins half of all money raised throughout the challenge! The rest goes to the ATSG Charity Drive. All who complete the challenge and lose at least 5 lb will be eligible for a discount on their health insurance premium the following quarter through the company's Healthy Directions Wellness Program. (This is another way to achieve the same discount available through the wellness program as the Fitbit step goal; it is not cumulative.) and everyone who loses weight wins a healthier future!

Business News
Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, Inc. (AMES), has acquired PEMCO World Air Services, Inc. (PEMCO), a privately held provider of outsourced heavy maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) aircraft services and passenger-to-freighter aircraft conversions based in Tampa, FL.

This acquisition will allow for a number of strategic benefits through combining operational strengths, expanded capabilities and cost savings related to shared services between the companies. The services of the combined AMES/PEMCO businesses will be marketed worldwide to customers as part of a comprehensive set of ATSG solutions, as well as to the ATSG affiliates.

Services will be offered from multiple locations, including Wilmington and Tampa for heavy maintenance and modifications, and Tampa, Central America and Asia for passenger-to-freighter conversions. Additional service offerings of aircraft-on-ground field teams, line and turnaround maintenance, component repair and overhaul, engineering repair and design, and extensive manufacturing and kitting capabilities, will be extended from various locations.

Thank you for your time and all that you do for our Company.

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