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INFOline for June 9, 2016
Good afternoon, everyone. This is John Starkovich with the ABX Air INFOline for June 9, 2016.

The National Safety Council has designated June 2016 as National Safety Month. National Safety Month focuses on reducing the leading causes of injury at the workplace, at home, and in between. Here at ABX Air, as part of our Safety Management System, we encourage all employees to identify and report safety hazards to their first-line supervisor and to our Safety department through our non-punitive reporting system. Also, during our on-going annual performance appraisal process, I encourage each member of management to ensure that the safety portion of the evaluation is used to ensure that safety remains the top focus of our day-to-day performance efforts for all employees.

This past week, three auditors from the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command's Commercial Airlift Division conducted the biennial DOD Audit for ABX Air. Our compliance managers in Flight, Dispatch, Maintenance, and Ground Operations were prepared and did an excellent job. A detailed out-brief was conducted by the team members, but the final results will not be available until the recommendations from the audit team are accepted and published by their internal Command Quality Review Board. Thanks to all the compliance team in maintenance, flight, ground operations, and admin/safety who were involved in the preparation and completion of this important audit. ABX Air remains proud to be a part of the Air Force Air Mobility team in both DOD Charter Operations and as a Civil Reserve Air Fleet partner.

Company News
Our on-time service performance for DHL for the month of June, subject to verification, is 98.49%. Tentatively, we ended May with an on-time performance of 98.59%. Similarly, for the second quarter of 2016, we are at 98.60% on time performance to date, all subject to verification.

Congratulations to the following ABX employees that are celebrating milestone anniversaries during the month of June. We have three employees that are all celebrating 25 years with ABX Air and are all pilots. Congratulations to Captains Robert Conway, Dennis Nelson, and Steven Tiernan. Thank you for your service to ABX Air over these past 25 years, and we look forward to more success with you in the years to come.

New Hire Pilots Class: Please join me in welcoming our second class of new hire pilots. Another eight new hire pilots started on June 6 and will complete approximately eight weeks of classroom and simulator instruction before starting their Initial Operating Experience. Together, this class averages over 7,900 hours of flying time with verified backgrounds including operating experience in 727, 737, MD-11,and regional jet aircraft. The next class is scheduled to start July 11.

ILN Airport ID Badges: Our Wilmington Air Park badges will expire soon, and the airport badge office has started producing replacements. Currently, replacement badges are being prepared for LGSTX Services employees. Later this month, there will be an announcement about when ABX employees can start the replacement process. As part of the replacement process, each ABX employee with an ILN badge will need to complete a new Wilmington Air Park badge application form and complete the required security awareness online training and the on-base driving training (if applicable). At this point, there is nothing you need to do except look for a future announcement with additional details and directions on how to complete the process.

Just a reminder to those of you who drive on State Route 73 into or leaving ILN to get to Interstate 71. It will be closed east of Smith Road for 17 days beginning at 7:30 a.m. Monday, June 13, for culvert work. The detour will use US 68 and Interstate 71.

Other News
In the May 27 edition of CargoFacts update, it was reported that on May 25 FedEx completed its acquisition of TNT. Initially, nothing much will change. "In the near term, customers can expect to interact with each company as they always have," is the official line from the joint press release published by FedEx and TNT.

As for the airline component, the article also reported that ASL acquired TNTís airlines. EU law forbids foreign ownership of European airlines just as US law forbids majority foreign ownership of US airlines. Therefore, FedEx could only purchase TNTís ground operations and not TNT airlines. In February of this year, Ireland/European based ASL Aviation Group reached an agreement to acquire the two airlines owned by TNT Express. So, concurrent with FedExís acquisition of TNT Express this week, ASL acquired TNT Airways and Pan Air, renaming them ASL Airlines Belgium and ASL Airlines Spain, respectively. As part of the deal, ASL "has entered a multi-year service agreement to operate flights for the new FedEx-TNT combination." Under this agreement, the 580 employees of TNT Airways and Pan Air will transition to employment by ASL, and "current terms and conditions of employment will be respected." In addition to the 33 freighters operated by its own airlines, TNT Express also leased lift from other carriers on an ACMI basis.

This is important to ATSG and us because ATSG owns a 25% interest in West Atlantic AB. West Atlantic AB owns 2 airlines, one of which is West Atlantic Sweden that operates three 767-200 aircraft now for ASL as part of the FedEx-TNT network. Those 767-200 aircraft for that network are leased by West Atlantic Sweden from our sister company CAM.

That is all for this week's INFOline. Thank you for all you do to make ABX Air a success. Take care.

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