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INFOline for July 31, 2015
Hello, this is Robert Boja with the ABX Air INFOline for July 31, 2015. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

As my first INFOline I would like to say a few things regarding safety and how it is integral to the success of the airline. Aviation has inherent risks, and its up to all of us to mitigate those risks. Safety policies are the number one reference source to do exactly that. Safety policies are not guidelines; they are absolutes required to operate an airline efficiently and without incident. Follow the Safety policies, period. Our safety team is one of the best in the business and does an outstanding job. Without a strong safety culture we are certainly destined to failure. Successful people practice and embrace safe practices; unsuccessful ones do not and dismiss even common sense safety.

A word from Steve Janasov:
Our Safety Management System training development resulted in five defined groups that will receive different levels of training. The groups include Senior Management, Safety Department, Line Management, Company Employees, and Contractor/Vendors. For the Senior Management group, much of the training has already been completed by attendance of MITRE (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research) or Transportation Safety Institute courseware. The Company employee training module has been submitted to our Certificate Management Team for acceptance. Once accepted, it will be formatted as an Adobe Connect training module and issued to company level employees. Itís imperative that every employee understand their role in supporting our Safety Management System.

ABX will be submitting our Safety Management System Implementation Plan to our Certificate Management Team in August. This plan includes a Gap Analysis that outlines the current level of compliance with all tenants of SMS and establishes a timeline and responsible parties to fully implement an FAA-accepted SMS. It also outlines how we will incorporate existing safety programs such as our Aviation Safety Action Program, Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System, and our Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program. The Implementation Plan and the Safety Management System Manual will be placed on the ABXnet for all employees to review concurrent with our submission to the FAA.

Our People
We celebrate 20-year anniversaries this month for First Officers John Liebenow, Tom Nagle, and Craig Shuholm. Congratulations and a warm thank you for your service here at ABX.

Don't forget about the Past and Furious III car show being held on Saturday, August 8 at the old Welcome Center parking Lot. Admission and parking are free.

Results thus far for on-time performance in July stands at 98.68%, and the June result was 98.50%. Second quarter results came in at 98.36%. I'm certain everyone is working hard to achieve the best on-time performance we can--an admirable goal--but we can do better truly. Focusing on controlling the controllable in your area is all anyone will ask of you. From time to time we all become distracted and lose that focus, but now more than ever in your careers we need to stay focused on our jobs. We all are required to make this work, and just as every piece of a watch is needed to make it work, we rely on each of you to make this work in the collective sense. We really can do this!

Industry Update
The Company will release its second quarter 2015 financial results on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, after the stock market closes. ATSG has announced that it will host an investor conference call to review its financial results for the second quarter which ended on June 30, 2015, on Thursday, August 6, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Saving time. On the day of the conference call, participants should dial 888-895-5479 and international participants should dial 847-619-6250 ten minutes before the scheduled start of the call and ask for conference pass code 40193425. A replay of the conference call will be available by phone on August 6, 2015 beginning at 2:00 p.m. and continuing through Thursday, August 13, 2015, at 888-843-7419 (international callers 630-652-3042), use pass code 40193425#.

The Cargo Airline Association which represents all the major all cargo carriers including ABX is working an important issue right now. The issue involves legislation to restrict the carriage of Lithium batteries in mass quantities on passenger aircraft and limit such shipments on all cargo aircraft. The association feels the legislation is unfounded and lacks scientific empirical data to support the changes. More to come later this summer regarding this issue, but if successful it will impact the industry.

Other News & Information
Anyone traveling to DHL should be aware of road construction to the DHL facility, which could impact your arrival time. Construction will be ongoing for a few months, so leave a little earlier to plan for the detours. Follow the signs; it is self explanatory, but allow the extra time.

That is all the news we have for this week. Thank you for your time and all that you do for our Company.

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