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INFOline for December 9, 2016
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is Bob Greene, Manager of Ground Operations, with the ABX Air INFOline for December 9, 2016.

Safety Compliance
As part of our Safety Management System implementation, Diane Hibbett of the ABX Safety Department has been conducting training for personnel from Flight, Maintenance, and Ground Operations who are designated as SMS Pro Administrators for their functional areas. The Safety Department, in cooperation with the compliance managers and administers being trained, continues to work with the SMS Pro software programmers to structure the Safety Reporting and Safety Risk Management processes to mirror the requirements as outlined in the SMS FAA Final Rule and FAA Advisory Circular 120-92B.

Each employee will receive SMS training commensurate with their designated SMS responsibilities. Some of the training has already been conducted, with much more to begin in 2017. All employees will receive an induction into the SMS Pro software that will provide, at a minimum, an overview of our SMS Policy and Safety Reporting processes. To comply with the FAA rule, most functional areas will begin the Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance Processes required by SMS by initially using the paper forms provided in the SMS Manual. The Safety Department continues to vet the Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance processes using current SRM analysis, Hazards, and audit functions. Eventually all airline functional areas will transition to the online SMS Pro processes including reporting, recordkeeping.

Security Compliance
Recently, a small empty bag was discovered on board an ABX aircraft. No one claimed the bag, and no one knew who it belonged to, what it was, or why it was there. It contained nothing suspicious. This event does highlight the need for all of us who work with cargo carried on an aircraft, or on the aircraft itself, to maintain constant vigilance and recognize potential threats that might be present. Yes, we do perform security checks of the cargo and aircraft, at certain times. But it is also important for everyone, at all times, to be aware of anything (or anyone) that seems out of place--including suspicious activities, behavior, situations, or things--that could suggest possible acts of terrorism or terrorism-related criminal acts.

The TSA calls this notion: “If You See Something, Say Something.” So be constantly aware of your surroundings and immediately report any suspicious things or activity to the Aircraft Captain, the Ground Security Coordinator, the Aircraft Mechanic, or your supervisor before the cargo or aircraft departs.

Charity Drive
Great job, everyone! We've surpassed our goal by raising over $104,000 in this year's Charity Drive... and the pledges are still coming in! Thank you for your generosity in supporting the work of the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, the United Way of Clinton County, and local food pantries. Congratulations to all the raffle winners in last week's drawings. Thanks for contributing!

Cornhole Tournament Champions
Bragging rights for the year go to the Hole Burners (AMES employees Dylan Brown and Tony Fite) who won the 2016 Charity Drive Cornhole Tournament. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Toy Drive
Our ATSG Toy Drive ends this week, so don't miss your chance to be a Secret Santa for a child this Christmas. Collection boxes for new-in-box toys and games are located in the Administration Building front and back lobbies, or contact HR to make a donation by check (payable to Ho Ho Shop). All donations will be sent to the Ho Ho Shop for distribution to the many local kids whose families are struggling to give them a magical Christmas. Deadline is Friday, Dec. 9. Thank you!

Biggest Loser Challenge
Our 4th Quarter Biggest Loser Challenge was complete on Dec. 7, and our winner (i.e. biggest loser) is Stephen Ley! To date in 2016 we have collectively lost (for all individuals) over 1,500 pounds and raised more than $1,000 for charity along with collecting food (for food drive) and toys (for toy drive).

DHL Helps the Holidays Feel Like Home - for U.S. Troops
The charitable program ‘DHL Operation Holiday Cheer’ will deliver hundreds of Christmas trees, holiday decorations and messages of support to U.S. troops serving abroad. For U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain, it’s beginning to look--and smell--a lot like Christmas and the holidays. Hundreds of fresh-cut Christmas trees, along with thousands of holiday letters, menorahs, decorations and gifts, will find their way to these service men and women courtesy of DHL Express. DHL Express ships out the trees from their DHL Gateway facility at JFK Airport, where they will fly to the DHL Hub at the CVG. At CVG they will be loaded onto a DHL 777 aircraft that travels nonstop to the Middle East. This year ABX plays a small part in this worthwhile program by flying the trees from JFK to CVG.

Employee Anniversaries
The following ABX employees are celebrating anniversaries this month: Manager of Simulators Jack Greenwood with 30 years; Capt. Keith Bednar, Capt. Philip Myers, Capt. Bob Walter, and Capt. Tom Shanks with 25 years.

That’s all the news for this week. The next INFOline will be on December 22 by John Starkovich. Thank you for all you continue to do for our Company.

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