The November issue of Cargo Express is available to read online or download for later viewing. The employee newsletter is designed to help ABX employees, families, and friends stay connected and informed. Cargo Express replaced ABX Airís recorded, biweekly Infoline as our new way of keeping in touch on a regular basis. If you have questions about this publication, or if you'd like to submit an article or share ideas for next month's issue, please contact Tracey Dykes or Jeff Walling.

The 2018 Benefits Open Enrollment period was November 1-19. Remember to log on to Self Service to ensure that any requested changes to your benefits were applied accurately.

Outside of the Open Enrollment period, if you have a qualifying event (birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, etc.), you have 30 days to make your benefit change. Contact your HR representative with any questions.

Congratulations to employees celebrating milestone anniversaries with the company! Maintenance Station Supervisor Phil Spencer celebrates 35 years this month; Maintenance Controller Patrick Ederer has 25 years with the company; and Director of Strategic Operations Patrick Fluegeman, Human Resources Administrative Assistant Angie Hurst, Manager of Airport Affairs Andrew McAviney, Simulator Technician Chris Norman, President David Soaper, and 767 First Officers Mawuko Agbe, Katherine Atkinson, Michael Clark, Darrin Edwards, Larry Fransson, Tammy Fung, Harold Johny, Robert Kachadoorian, Sean Liebers, Carlos Nieves-Garcia, Alberto Pardo, Angelo Smith, Steven Snider, and Sean Spence celebrate one year of service to the company! Thank you!

INCLEMENT WEATHER OPERATIONS  [\employee policy\policies\emergencyoperations.htm]
During periods of inclement weather, ABX Air maintains operations whenever possible to meet our customers' needs. When winter weather is forecasted, be sure to allow extra time to travel safely. During inclement weather, employees are expected to make reasonable efforts to be at work on time, provided it is safe to do so. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible if you are unable to report to work, or if youíll be reporting later than scheduled.

For Wilmington employees, we have the ABX Air Weather Line available 24/7. For inclement weather operations information call 937-382-5591 #66397 (or 6NEWS). Refrigerator magnets with the Weather Line are available in Human Resources.

There are two types of operation plans related to inclement weather: Delayed Operations and Closure of Operations. Read the full Policy online here. If you have any questions, please ask your supervisor or Human Resources.

The names of all winners in this year's basket raffle are listed below.

Phil Bodkin: AMES basket 6
Stephanie Burkitt: AMES basket 10
Doug Chaney: AMES basket 9
John Chiaffitelli: AMES basket 5
Sandy Cornett: ABX basket 3
Chris Denney: ABX basket 7
Ken Driscoll: ATI basket 8
Tracey Dykes: ABX basket 4
Rich Fellie: AMES basket 3
Heath Fetter: AMES basket 12, ATI basket 3, LGTSX basket 1
Stacy Gerber: LGSTX basket 2
Mike Head: ATI basket 9
Luis Hernandez: ATI basket 1
Steve Janasov: ABX basket 1
Becky Klingshirn: AMES basket 4
Todd Kramer: ATI basket 2
Kevin Kuntz: ABX basket 5
Brian Laycock: ATI basket 7
Gloria Lunsford: AMES basket 14
Cindy Luttrell: AMES basket 2
Tom Mountjoy: CAM basket 1
Kyle Murphy: AMES basket 1
Eric Plas: GFS basket 1
Khaya Rhoads: ATSG basket 1
Josh Simmons: ATI basket 4
Gary Skinner: AMES basket 15
Jeff Smart: AMES basket 7
Mark Smith: AMES basket 13
Alex Temple: ABX basket 6
Alain Terzakis: ATI basket 6
Hennyss Urdaneta: AMES basket 8
Marcelo Vega: AMES basket 11
Jim Walker: ATI basket 5
Courtney Weatherford: ABX basket 2
Laurie Wells: 50/50 split

Congratulations and thank you for contributing. Stay tuned for more information about the winners of the President's Basket and Delta Air Lines vouchers!

Remember, you don't have to wait until the charity drive to give to charity. The payroll deduction form is always available so you can support the work of the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, ATSG Catastrophic Relief for Employees, United Way of Clinton County, Wounded Warrior Project, and local food pantries operated by Clinton County Community Action and Sugartree Ministries. Thanks for giving!

The Employee Discount Marketplace, our new discount program, will help you save on products and services you use every day! Administered by Beneplace, this discount web site provides a platform where you can easily research, shop for, and purchase products and services from some of the world's foremost companies. Discounts will vary by each provider, and each provider page will list their specific discounts, eCoupons and limited-time offers. The Employee Discount Marketplace will roll out in January 2018 and will be open to all ATSG employees and their family members. Watch for the ATSG Employee Discount Marketplace registration details coming soon.

Our Healthy Directions wellness program offers employee-purchased Fitbits (walking pedometers) and UHC-sponsored programs Real Appeal and (NEW for 2018) Rally! Read on for more information about each of these programs.

Real Appeal is a new online weight loss program, now part of our benefit plan. It's a simple, step-by-step program designed to introduce small lifestyle changes over time that lead to healthier habits and long lasting weight loss results. The program is offered at no cost to eligible employees, spouses and dependents over 18, who are enrolled in our medical plan and have a body mass index (BMI) of 23 or higher. Go to to enroll, or visit the Healthy Directions web page or call the Real Appeal line (937.366.2026) for more information.

The Fitbit program encourages employees to walk a daily average of 6,000. Employees can purchase Fitbit products at a discounted rate through HR (by payroll deduction). Visit the Wellness page for a Fitbit purchase form. Other pedometers such as Garmin or Apple are acceptable for this program, but self reporting is required to obtain your Wellness Discount. For more details about the program, contact Tracey Dykes ( in ABX HR or Christine Cousineau ( in AMES HR, log into Self-Service, Benefits tab, Quick Links, or visit the Wellness page.

For those of you who like to take a walk on your lunch hour or after work, you can download a map of walking routes at ILN with step counts and approximate mileage.

Rally is designed to help you make changes to your daily routine. You get personal recommendations once a survey is completed on Goals are very attainable. You can chose whatever goal you like, or Rally can recommend goals based on a Health Survey you complete. Rally also rewards you for reaching goals met, not to mention when quarterly goals are met, you are then eligible for the quarterly Wellness Discount. For more details on Healthy Directions programs, visit or

SAFETY IS A CORE VALUE AT ABX AIR [abxnet/safetynet]
We are serious about safety. Our objective is to be 100 percent accident-free. We care for one another and always practice safe work habits. No person will be put at risk to achieve our goals.

As part of the expansion and implementation of our Safety Management System (SMS), ABX Air has initiated a Safety Award Program, in which exceptional contributions to Safety are recognized and rewarded. It is our goal to grow continuously in the areas of Safety and our Safety culture. Part of this growth is the recognition of work that epitomizes the ideal.

SERVICE PERFORMANCE  [abxnet/service]
Thanks for continuing to work hard to keep our customer service levels high! Controlling the avoidable delays is key to maintaining a high level of service. Take responsibility to help each other. Double-checking your work and making sure the job has been done properly will go along way to prevent avoidable delays.

If you have information about violations of our Code of Ethics, Corporate Guidelines for Conducting Business, Insider Trading Policy, or regarding the commission of any crime against ATSG or its subsidiaries, please call the anonymous WeTip hotline: 1-800-78-CRIME. A code name and number will be assigned; you will not be asked to give your name. An operator will pass on your tip for investigation.

Get your airwear and logo items online at the ABX Air company store, Visit the site to browse the selection of high quality clothing and accessories bearing the ABX Air brand.

Note: Production and fulfillment are handled by DigiStitch Embroidery in Waynesville, Ohio. If you have questions about a product or the site, please contact Tim at

You can p
articipate in online investment and retirement workshops by logging on to and clicking on "Tools & Learning" at the bottom of the page. From there, on the left side of the page, click on "e-Learning". You will find several options to fit your time schedule and educate in the topics you choose.

Interesting in exploring job openings at ABX Air? Visit our careers web site at!

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